Fukushima Renewable Future Fund
Fukushima Renewable Future Fund / 2016
The General Foundation
Fukushima Renewable Future Fund
Client: Fukushima Renewable Future Fund
Direciton/Design: Go Uchida
With the original contribution from Elektrizitätswerke Schönau (Germany) in commemoration of Stromrebellen Award 2014 to Yauemon Sato (AiPower), Fukushima Renewable Future Fund aims to support Fukushima’s renewable energy projects and recovery projects for the future. We will realize projects for the community based future development in Fukushima and recording and archiving projects on the memory of Fukushima nuclear disaster with the donation from supporters in Japan and around the world.
The symbol mark is made in a shape of the Japanese cursive syllabary ‘Fu’ which is the first letter of Fukushima. At the same time, it expresses a small light as a little hope and a small arrow as a little step. So the mark says one story as above; When every single hope and step gather and take collective action, we can move and change society and the movement makes the brilliant future of Fukushima and Japan.

The symbol colour is Reddish Orange. It is made as the main colour of the official flag of Fukushima, and we use the colour which means ray of hope or passion for the future. Some arrows around the main symbol mark are four sizes and four tones because this fund has four main projects—Renewable energy project, Recovery Project, Education/Welfare Project and Archiving project on the memory of Fukushima nuclear disaster. The whole image is associated with many brilliant lights.

I proposed that these simple shapes of arrows of the symbol mark can express that all fund members have a common vision for the future by using a map for expaining some projects or making other marks for some messages.

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the sceneries in Iitate, Fukushima   /   photo by Hideto Yokoyama

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