Hachioji Second-hand Book Festival
Art direction and Designing for Hachioji Second-hand Book Festival
Hachioji Second-hand Book Festival
2009 – Now
The book festival has been holding at West Street of Hachioji Station in Tokyo from 2009 to Now.
Symbol Mark
Title Typography
Vol.12 - Poster
Vol.12 - Flyer, front page
Vol.12 - Flyer, back page
Vol.11 - Poster
Vol.11 - Flyer, front page
Vol.11 Flyer, back page
Vol.10 Poster
Vol.10 Flyer, back page
Vol.10 Flyer, back page
Vol.09 Poster
Voo.09 Flyer, front page
Vol.09 Flyer, back page
Vol.08 Poster
Vol.08 Flyer, front page
Vol.08 Flyer, back page
Vol.07 Poster
Vol.07 Flyer, front page
Vol.07 Flyer, back page
Vol.06 Poster
Vol.06 Flyer, front page
Vol.06 Flyer. back page
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