Koshiba’s Wedding(小柴家ウェディング)
Koshiba’s Wedding Typography / Illustration / Logo 2014 Japan
Koshiba’s Wedding
Typography / Illustration / Logo
2014 Japan
Original Pictures
Invitation Card
Handkerchief: present given to guests at their wedding party
Client: Koshiba Masaru and Erika
Design: Uchida Go
Printing: Graphic
Koshiba Masaru got married with his beautiful partner Erika in summer in 2014. As they wanted this day became an unforgettable day for them, and as they wanted to have a wedding party which satisfies them, he produced his wedding party at his favorite cafe, himself. I designed the symbol mark, welcome board and invitation card of their wedding party, with their faces and original typography by my hand. And also, they made original handkerchief as the present given to guests at the wedding party. The handkerchief was printed a english message in hope for happiness to guests.
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