Rules in the Vacant Lot: collection of poems
Rules in the Vacant Land is my collection of poems. I published this book from my own office, with my local printing company and my friends photographer, in 2012.
The details of the book
The process of printing
The process of taking cover photograph
Poetry & Editorial Design: Uchida Go
Cover Photograph: Ito Saiko
Printing Company: Fujiwara printing co.
Published my first collection of poems named “Rules in A Vacat Lot” in January in 2012. The book includes 16 poems which are full of humor and critical spirit, these all poems seem allegories, or fables. The cover photo was taken at a vacant lot in Shibuya, Tokyo, by my friend famous photographer, Ito Saiko. The printing company is Fujiwara Printing Co. in Matsumoto-city—my home town. The English version of the book is going to be published on spring in 2015.
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