長野県東御市にある、パンと日用品の店「わざわざ」のロゴをデザイン。 Designed the logo of “wazawaza” which handles bread baked in an firewood oven and daily necessaries in Tomi-shi, Nagano.
The store of bread and daily necessaries

Client: wazawazaわざわざ
Direction: Saiko Ito暮らしかた冒険家
Web Design: Hidenori Ikeda暮らしかた冒険家
Logo Design: Go Uchidaしてきなしごと
The store of bread and daily necessaries “wazawaza” is in Tomi-shi, Nagano. People can not go to this store as they pass by because it stands on a slightly high hill—as its name suggests. The name has two messages. One is their gratitude that customers come such a long way, and the other is their aim that they become a store worth going out of one’s way to go to the store.
They had not had their official logo since the store opening, but they took the opportunity of renewing the web site to have it. At first, they hoped the logo by only hand-drawn letters.
in English
in Japanese
And also they wanted the logo expressing their own attitudes that they want to be honest with all—from making breads to work style and life. It is not easy to express such an abstract concept by only hand-drawn letter. Me and the owner of “wazawaza” looked for the most suitable letters and the most beautiful logo for expressing the attitude after I drew a lot of letters again and again.
example of using logo
on web site
2887-1 Omakihara Tomi-shi Nagano 389-0403 Japan
Opens on Thursday, Friday, Saturday
11.00 am — 4.00 pm
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